How To Save Yourself From Hiring A Wrong Patent Attorney

The process of applying and securing a patent in the UK is a cumbersome process. So, to release the burden from the people, it is advised to hire a knowledgeable patent attorney. The “United States Patent and Trademark Office” also supports this move and recommends following the advice of the patent agent at all the stages of getting a patent.

As it is related to safeguarding and protecting the property rights of an inventor to a unique, beneficial, and nonobvious invention, it is important to do a thorough research when hiring a patent attorney. We have compiled a list of tips that will equip you with beneficial information on hiring the right patent attorney for your job.

How do patent/IP lawyers safeguard the interest of the business owners?

Intellectual property lawyers aim at safeguarding the rights of those people who effectively act on their ideas to turn them into their finished product. It rewards people who work towards giving a mere concept, a more tangible and beneficial form. As per the statistics, IP protections are responsible for nearly 2/3rd of the national exports and 1/3rd of GDP. Due to this law, about forty million jobs are created every year.

Learn about their qualifications and technical expertise

Before you hire an attorney, the first thing that you need to check is their qualification. Do they possess the necessary degree and certification required to perform the job? A good patent lawyer is the one who has the technical expertise in working with intellectual property law.

You should also need to check whether the attorney has got a specialization and expertise in technical areas that aim at understanding the inventions of clients. It is required for them to have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in technical fields such as mechanical, science, biology, or physics.

Check their license

A patent attorney has to pass several different exams to obtain a license to work legally in the state. These exams are the “bar exam” and the “patent bar exam.”  On successfully clearing this exam, they get a valid license to represent clients in front of the USPTO. You need to verify that the attorney has passed these exams with good scores and is also in good standing with the “state bar association.”


Getting a patent done is a crucial task and nobody would want to hire an attorney that has very little experience and knowledge in patent law. A right patent attorney has to be an expert in the subject area that relates to the invention that you are patenting. For the quick, efficient and systematic execution of the work, you learn about their experience, expertise and skills.


With several patent attorneys present on the market, selection of a reliable and competent attorney can be a tricky task. You need to be very careful in hiring the right one. These tips would surely help you get the most appropriate attorney for success of your task.

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