Pregnenolone, dosage, side effects on androgenic

Hormones are necessary to have a balanced health. When their level changes, they increase or decrease than what is needed, humans will experience adverse health effects.

Studies have proved that Pregnenolone is a very effective drug for enhancing skills like critical analysis, information processing, comprehension and memory. Earlier days it was used as an energy boosting pill; however, it is also becoming popular as a mood enhancer and focus booster.

It is responsible for the production or release of hormones like androgens, glucocorticoids and estrogens. Theories have proved that it is listed at the top among all the memory enhancers found till date.

Studies done on this powerful neurosteroid in early 1940’s revealed that it can be given as a supplement in few issues. Individuals under stress and fatigue conditions can be prescribed with pregnenolone.

Even though synthesis of this neurosteroid happens in many organs like skin, brain, ovaries, liver it mainly occurs in adrenal glands. Since it is responsible for many chemical reactions and synthesis of other hormones it is known as a pro hormone. It is induced as a steroid.  It acts as a precursor for the synthesis of other hormones like, estrogen, progesterone. When taken in proper dose it won’t produce any side effect. It is reported that in some individual it may produce very little, minor side effects on androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic activity.

Pregnenolone is known as grandmother hormone since it is responsible to produce other steroid hormones. Steroid hormones are responsible for many physiological effects. This neurosteroid is primarily produced in the adrenal gland from cholesterol.  It is the precursor for sex hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. It also works as a precursor for steroid hormone cortisone which is known as a stress hormone and aldosterone which is responsible for balance of sodium and potassium.


Pregnenolone can be very effective in issues related to aging. Some may need an improvement in memory, enhanced energy levels and balanced mood. Others may have health goals like prevention of heart related issues, arthritis and Alzhemer’s. Dosage depends on individuals desired health goals.

These are bio identical hormones and their effects on the body can be seen quickly. It can improve various health issues in relatively short period of time. Even at high doses, it is considered to be very safe. But suggested way to decide the dose is through the blood test.

Under healthy and normal conditions, body synthesizes enough of this neurosteroid to meet the needs. But with age, secretion of this hormone declines. So people started using it as dietary supplement. The suggested dose ranges from 5mg to 50mg. There cannot to be a standard dose. It will different depend on individual the individual. Better to take an advice before including in the diet.

Side effects:

When there is no need or there is no clinical deficiency, steroid hormones should not be included in the diet plan. This neurosteroid can interact with few types of sedative drug class. So doctor should be informed all the drugs which the patient is already taking.


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