Creative Interior Designs Which Can Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

These days there is a trend of building low ceiling houses and much of the focus is laid on the floor and the walls of the houses. But still there are many people who like their ceilings to be little high so that they could hang few accessories on it. Many people believe that the low ceiling gives a very congested feeling, high ceiling make you feel little spacious and the house looks good too. There are many best interior designing services provider who have also agreed to this. Low ceilings are quite suffocating during summers.

Sometimes it seems to be very difficult when it comes to re designing your house only because of the issue with the ceiling. Just for that also you need to spend a lot and somehow it is wastage of money. But still if you are looking forward to do so you can hire interior designer online. By doing this you can lessen the burden from your shoulders. They will guide you with simple steps and by doing that you do not need to do the renovation too.

Some interior designing tips which will make your ceiling look higher:

  1. Colour Ceiling with a slight lighter shade than your wall’s shade: This proves to be one of the easiest ways to give a higher look to your ceiling. You can paint you ceiling with a lighter shade than your walls, always prefer white or off-white. If you are someone who does not like the white colour then you can paint it with any light colour as compared to the wall. As per some of the well known interior designers the glossy shade of the paint also goes well if you are planning to make your ceiling look high. This factor also depends on how much amount of light enters your house. You can hire best interior designers in the town for this purpose.
  1. Add vertical linings to the ceiling: The adding of vertical lining will make your ceiling will make it look higher. It also makes the interior of the house look quite sleek and decent. You can refer to many interior designing services to brush up you knowledge about interior designing. This will make you ceiling look completely different and high will which give an elegant look to your house.
  1. Hanging Decorative accessories on walls: High ceiling feeling in your home beautifies the interiors of home. Whether it is an artwork, decorative item or painting, you need to hang it on some higher place so that it could make your home look more appealing. It is good to hang all such items above the doors and walls.
  1. Use the drapes very creatively: The use of drapes also helps giving a unique look to your ceiling. Hanging it in a streamline manner will give it a very different look. Prefer using plain curtains with lighter shades.

These tips would prove to be much helpful when it comes to redesigning your ceiling. There are many best interior design services available these days. You can easily hire then to get your dream home better to live.

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